TFE is a vertically-integrated fashion development and production house with exquisite craftsmanship. Our goal to help local & domestic designers reach their best potential.


• Pattern Development

• Samples & Dups

• Cut & Sew

• Grading & Marker

• Tech Pack

• Domestic Knitting

• Custom Woven Fabric

How we can help


    You will need to provide us with your personal sketch, item of clothing or a cut-out from your favorite magazine. There is no right or wrong approach, give us what you have a we will make the rest happen!

  • CUT & SEW

    We will help you at any level of the process you might currently be in. If you want to start with patterns, samples or already have that in place and need to proceed with your first production, we are here to help!


    We stock a wide range of Sustainable and Eco-Friendly yarns which we knit ourselves here in Los Angeles.  Fleece, Jersey, Terry and more. We will create the ideal fabric for your designs as long as you tells us exactly what you need or provide us with a swatch.


Do you charge for consulting?

Yes, we have a consulting fee for any additional work or help you may need that wasn't included in your package. However we do not charge for the initial consultation in which we will go in depth into your brand's needs. 

Do I have to do full package ?

Not at all. The option is there for those who need it. No strings attached! 

Can you help source my fabric ?

Yes, we stock a variety of yarns that we can knit for our customers if we do not have the fabric available for you we also have a very large network of suppliers we can suggest.