Fashion Enterprise is a vertically-integrated development and production facility with exquisite craftsmanship. Our goal is to assist you in bringing your vision to reality and help you create an everlasting brand with integrity.

About us

We assist emerging and established brands from development to production. That means we take care it all for you. If you are looking to launch a new product, capsule, production or looking to develop the perfect material, then we will help you reach your goals. 

We're located in the heart of Los Angeles. We believe in quality manufacturing made in the USA.

Low minimums - No problem ✔



    Have you identified what it is that you are looking to create? If yes, then GREAT.  You are now ready for development. Developing your idea and having you approve the sample is critical before doing production for each style you want to create. Our team will assist you in every step of the way to bring your idea into life so that you have a successful brand launch and are production-ready.

    What is development exactly? No worries, you’re not alone. Scroll down to the video to learn more.


    If you’re ready for development, we need to know about what your ideal fabric. It is important for us to conclude this information before we start your sample as fit will vary based on different fabrication. We have a wide range of Sustainable and Eco-Friendly knits and woven you can choose from.  Tell us or show us exactly what you need  and we will either make it or source it for you. Simple is that.


    Now you have your pattern and sample ready, its time for production.  We offer a broad range of production services in all categories, with competitive costing and guaranteed quality. It is all about quality, quality & quality. We accommodate low MOQ (minimum order quantity).

    * If you have done your development elsewhere but you want us to take over then all we need is your production pattern and salesman sample to inspect.


    Design Consultation, Retail or Wholesale business strategy is something we are highly qualified to help you with. Let us know what you need and we will create a custom package that will suit your needs.


    If  you are an event coordinator, costume designer for film or an artist looking to do an installation for exhibition, no problem we have done it all. Our highly experienced team of designers, pattern makers and seamstresses will bring your vision or special project to life. Rush orders are accepted.  

Quick Lesson about development!

We frequently get asked by start ups, what is development and do I need it before production? The answer is YES 100%. See video below by NICK VERREOS to help you clarify the development process.

No sketch, No problem. Our team will take it from here.

Our Team & Facility 


Do you charge for consulting?

Yes, we have a consulting fee for any additional work or help you may need that wasn't included in your package. However we do not charge for the initial consultation in which we will go in depth into your brand's needs. 

Do I have to do full package ?

Not at all. The option is there for those who need it. No strings attached! 

Can you help source my fabric ?

Yes, we stock a variety of yarns that we can knit for our customers if we do not have the fabric available for you we also have a very large network of suppliers we can suggest.  

Our Clients

  • Love you guys for being the key to my success. I couldn't have done it without you. I almost walked away from my lovely business, after going through hell with so many unprofessional factories. We’ve been at it for five years, and cheers to the next 5… "kisses"

    Rebecca G.

  • I can't begin to thank you guys for your incredible assistance and knowledge of the fashion business even outside of the manufacturing. Thank you for being super attentive and making sure I got all the tools and information to build my business. We can't wait to fly to LA for our spring season launch...

    Sandra J.

  • Love Mike & Jen. We are so happy to have you as an extension to our team. You’ve helped us grow and make all our crazy ideas become a reality even when we were in doubt lol. Love you guys. xoxo

    Charlie S.