At The Fashion Enterprise, We own and partner with several factories and have the production capacity to assist small and large companies with quantities varying from 100 - 5000+.

We pride ourselves on being an invaluable resource for domestic designers. We offer full package production with low MOQs to help emerging designers remove the risk of high inventory and assure the brand’s success.

The Fashion Enterprise ensures high quality throughout its process. A top-of-production (T.O.P) is provided for approval, Quality control checks are regularly completed during and upon completion of your project.

Production pricing will be determined by our production management team and will be based on quantity & time of labor required. All prices are agreed to prior to any work starting and do not change once contracted unless there is a design change by the client. A deposit will be required upon contract signing.

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Meet of our team member. Every piece is made with love and great attention to detail.